About Us


Love stitches from Mexico

SANTA LUPITA is a new label for women, men and kids, which was born to bring the colorful and high quality richness of handmade clothing from Mexico to Europe.

The brand aims at offering an alternative for cosmopolitan fashionistas looking for uniqueness and elaborate garments that differ from today ́s mass production.

All pieces are hand woven or hand stitched and have been carefully selected to fullfil all expectations of fashion-conscious European customers.

Furthermore, SANTA LUPITA supports the value of passing traditions from one generation to the next one. Our goal is to boost customers appreciation of handmade clothing in order to support local producers carry on with their slowly disappearing heritage. Therefore, SANTA LUPITA sources all its items from private artisan households, avoiding mass production facilities and encouraging the entrepreneurship of women in remote areas through the promotion of work life balance.

The result: awesomeness and high quality handmade dresses, shirts and accessories with a traditional yet modern fashion identity.